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[H-Games] Love Death 555 ~Realtime Lovers~

Love Death 555! Realtime Lovers is the fifth entry in the series. Its gameplay is for the most part similar to that of the previous installments, incorporating two main modes: a visual novel (though with cel-shaded animated 3D characters) that unfolds automatically and occasionally allows the player to make decisions, and an exploration mode, during which the player navigates a character through 3D environments from either third- (default) or first-person perspective. The player can switch to this mode at any time by interrupting the flow of the visual novel. As before, the player can search for items, manage outfits and inventory of the female characters, and have detailed interactive sex with them either by gradually building up relationships or physically assaulting them.

Phát triển: TEATIME (hiện công ty nhập vào Illusion)
Phát hành:26/11/2010
Ngôn ngữ: Anh,Nhật
Thể loại: Phưu lưu,+18
Tên thật của game : らぶデス 555~Realtime Lovers~


Pre. Game
Chế độ: Exploration
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