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CM3D2 All DLCs (カスタムメイド3D2)

Before starting to read the contents below, make sure your computer has CM3D2.

So what is this page? It’s a collection of all DLCs from the game publisher (KISS), were bought and shared for free. It’s making the game become richative and multompise by provided a lot of costumes, sex skills, personalities, etc…

When playing the game, you can download and install these DLCs depending on your personal preferences. There’s no binding to download it, you probably don’t need to do and play the game normally (but believe me, it’ll be extremely boring to play without DLCs).

OK and now you can freely choose the DLCs that you like and install it, I’ll classify it into different groups so you can easy to distinguish and choose (include Shop, Append, Pre-Order Bonus, Yotogi Class Skill, etc…).

To install a DLC, simply unrar (unzip) it, find the update.exe or selector.exe file and run it with LE (Locale Emulator, see FAQs). For the selector.exe, if there’re multiple options, just select the options for CM3D2 and remember to avoid any option has the word CHU-B Lip or COM3D2 (CM3D2 and COM3D2 are different).

Q: Why do I split the download topic into 2 pages (1 page only download the game and 1 page only to download DLCs)?

A: Because the main-game download page is fixed and it doesn’t update anything unless its download link is broken, otherwise, updates and DLCs are updated regularly so if not split them up, the main-game download page will become very long and you’ll be very tired to pull down and read them all.

Q: Why not include all the DLCs into a single file to download, why divided into so many parts?

A: As I said in the About section, DLCs are updated regularly and they’re released separately in batches by the publisher, meaning whenever there’re updates, they’ll only sell the data of that update, no need to include all the data updated before, and that is the reason.

Q: I noticed that the installation is just like copying the GameData folder into the game directory, so why should I have to install it, can I copy (or cut) it directly to the game folder?

A: Absolutely not! In the exe file structure and the run.ini file (in some cases you’ll see the ini file in the DLC installation directory, or the update.lst) interacting with each other, the ini file defines the exe what needs to be installed. The exe file also helps to verify that the update you’re about to install to the game has been installed before, and installing from the exe also avoids the old update version which you copied overwriting new versions that lead to game errors. Don’t rush fast, otherwise you have to reinstall the whole game.

Q: I can’t extract that file? I complete downloaded but I can’t run it, it show me a lot of garbage character and I don’t know what happend? How I can fix?

A: All you need are reading FAQs. Please read slowly and carefully.

Q: I’ve read all of the FAQs, I’ve try my best but… nothing change, can you help me?

A: OK if you’re feeling helpless when you try your best, contact Yume, but notice when you contact me, please indicate what error you’re having (illustrations + clear explanation + English or Vietnamese language) and explain briefly, I’ve refuse your message if its content makes me feel uncomfortable, or if your issue is covered in this article or FAQs, I’ll also decline to reply, thanks.

Remember: password for all files here are
[CM3D2 Shop] [1st Anniversary VIP Event]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Alice Soft – Beat Valkyrie Ixseal]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Carol Works – Otorena]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Clochette – Harumina]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Cocktail Soft – Can Can Bunny Premiere 3]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Cow Costume]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Dohatsuten Male Head]
[CM3D2 Shop] [ensemble – Ojonai]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Fox Ears and Tail]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Giga – Baldr Bringer]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Harukaze – Noratoto 2]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Harukaze – Noratoto]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Headphones]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Hibiki Works – Niizuma Lovely x Cation]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Kanotsuku2 Can Know Two Close Dance]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Lose – Maitetsu Costumes]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Lump of Sugar – Tayutama 1&2 School Uniform]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Lump of Sugar – Tayutama 2 AS]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Madsoft – Wagama High Spec Costumes]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Maid-to-Order Hairsets]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Make me Lover Full Set]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Minato Soft – Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!]
[CM3D2 Shop] [NanaWind – Haruoto Alice * Gram Rindou Yaya Set]
[CM3D2 Shop] [NanaWind – Haruoto Alice * Gram]
[CM3D2 Shop] [NEKO WORKs -Neko Para]
[CM3D2 Shop] [New Year’s Hair Decoration]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Pajamas EX – Rabu Rabu Sisters Set]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Saga Planets – Kin’iro Loveriche Vol. 1]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Saga Planets – Kin’iro Loveriche Vol. 2]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Senren * Banka Set]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Separate Maid Uniform]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Sports Sunglasses]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Valentines Events 2016]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Valentines Events 2017]
[CM3D2 Shop] [VR Live Event 2017]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Welcome to Pia Carrot! Costumes]
[CM3D2 Shop] [White Lace Set]
[CM3D2 Shop] [White Powder – Lamunation! Rumune and Iris Impersonations]
[CM3D2 Shop] [Yandere Launch Set]
[CM3D2 Shop] [壁の向こうの妻の嬌声2 Scenario Set]