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Enchanted Splendor: The Kunoichi Comes! Shameless Pink Ninja Scroll

華麗に悩殺♪ くのいちがイク! ~桃色ハレンチ忍法帳~

Long ago in the small mountain village Yamabuki no sato.
novice sisters lived and trained to be kunoichi.
A stealthy clan called Kokurei no Kiba then occupied their land.
To take Yamabuki back, they stood against a shadowy enemy
in battle of unprecedented cruelty.

Original title: 華麗に悩殺♪ くのいちがイク! ~桃色ハレンチ忍法帳~
Language: Japanese
Developer: softhouse-seal
Release: 27/01/2012
Censorship: Censored
OS platform: Windows

Tea-drinker Rem

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