Kimochi Gaming

EroShunga Sensei ( hàng @OZ)

What awaited the young girl upon returning to her room from
the toilet… was a stranger, an unknown man standing in her room.
He pushes her to the bed and fingers her against her will.
Forcibly stirring her inside with his tongue she moans in pleasure.
Vibrator’s are inserted into her wet and loosened p*ssy and
he continues to tease and torment her flat chested nipples.
She does all that she can to resist, but her virginity is snuffed,
like a candle in the wind, the inevitable violation takes place.
He stirs the depths of her chasm with his manliness and changing
position various times, her pain soon turns to pleasure.
Multiple orgasms ensue, her nipples harden and with the ecstasy
so strong she loses conscious… and control of her bodily functions.
He takes her to the bathroom and forces her to suck his d*ck,
ramming it down her throat, and teasing her further with a vibrator.
Her now engorged clitoris falls victim to a vibrating toothbrush
and unable to resist the waves of pleasure, the young girl submits
to the violation, finally receiving a giant serving of creammmmypie.

Tên game: EroShunga Sensei
Tên gốc: 春画的先生エロマ〇ガのセンセイ
Ngày phát hành: 29/7/2017
Nhà phát hành: @OZ
Ngôn ngữ game: JAP, ENG
Dung lượng file nén: 725MB
Nền tảng: WINDOWS


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