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Escape From A Ruined Hospital with a Girl Who Lost Emotion

When I woke up, I found myself in a hospital. Why I’m in such place… I don’t remember anything. I shrike when I find an arm which is Skeletonized. … No, it’s just a normal arm. My head aches, I feel like something important is missing from my memory… Ah, I have to search… I have to search and find her… … Who’s she? But I have to find her anyway… I open a door of a sickroom… After overwhelmed by intense light, there appears a hospital turned into a ruined building… I have no idea what is going on… But I have to find her. She’s only… Escape from her… The only hope. I… I should protect her… Guess I’ll soon find her in a sickroom over that corner…

Original title: 感情を失くした少女と廃病院からの脱出 Language: English Developer: dieselmine Release: 19/01/2018 Censorship: Censored OS platform: Windows

A Kiwami Mop

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