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Megui Dungeon Dai-Sanshou – Kazu no Bouryoku! Goblin Hen

牝喰いダンジョン 第三章 数の暴力! ゴブリン編

The dungeon is full of enemies, traps and traps! ?
Adventurers have to dive to the dungeon where monsters live to live.
However, there are many strong monsters and traps in the dungeon, and it is a dangerous place where you can not return if you lose.
Luckily, even if you survive, your body will be exhausted.

Original title: 牝喰いダンジョン 第三章 数の暴力! ゴブリン編
Language: Japanese
Developer: Prickly Ash
Release: 24/02/2017
Censorship: Censored
OS platform: Windows


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