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Sally’s Authorative Report on Illegal Prostitution

Sally (name change-able) was the daughter of a once wealthy family. Even though her younger brother was sick and required medical treatment, her father was a no good scumbag that built up a hefty debt… Then ran off leaving them to fend for themselves… Sally ends up in the slums… ‘working’ hard to make ends meet and provide her younger brother the medical treatment he desperately needs. This is her story… her authoritative report on the dark side of society. At the hospital, restaurant, adult shops, clubs, parks, bars, brothels… Over 30 different men are waiting for an opportunity to…

Original title: サリィの犯され売春白書 Language: English Developer: PEACH CAT Release: 04/05/2017 Censorship: Censored OS platform: Windows

A Kiwami Mop

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