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The Sexorcist

To save the girls, he must re-pregnate the girls!

Demons exist, and their victims are beautiful girls who have never been mothers!
Any girl who’s never been pregnant is invaded by the demons, her lifeforce sucked out.
Then those girls become weak-willed breeders for evil spawn!

Only Kannuji, the priest with a throbbing rod of divinity,
can cleanse these maidens’ wombs of demonic possession.

In the name of all that is good and decent, f*ck out the pregnant evil!

College girl…
Childhood friend…

Will you fulfill your missionary position…
And refill the hell-spunked wombs of
these cute girls!?

It’s up to you, as Kannuji… the Sexorcist!

Original title: 発情退散!中出しお孕い除霊性活
Language: Japanese
Developer: softhouse-seal
Release: 22/09/2011
Censorship: Censored
OS platform: Windows


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