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Clicker x Live2D Justice Heroine’s Pleasure Corruption Simulator

Clicker x Live2D: Justice Heroine's Pleasure Corruption Simulator

N 20XX, the evil god “Soku Otoosu” has brought about chaos to the world.
In a cult association admiring Soku Otoosu, the protagonist who is a mad scientist
is in charge of its Japan branch. He is now in danger of falling from the evil god’s grace
because of his mistakes that have accumulated so far. That is, his operations have been
interfered by the justice transforming heroine, Serralis.

Having his back to the wall, he works hard day and night to research the magic stone
called “Sokuoto-stone”, which is reported to control people’s minds.
Being finally able to awaken the hidden power of the magic stone,
he presses ahead with his project to enslave Serralis.
Will he be able to make Serralis surrender to him at the end of his 7-day discipline…!?

Original title: クリッカー×Live2D 高飛車ツリ目な正義の変身ヒロインを1週間で快楽堕ちさせるSLG
Language: Japanese
Developer: Circle itomagoi
Release: 10/05/2019
Censorship: Censored
OS platform: Windows

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