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FAQs is short for Frequently Asked Questions, in this case it’s for downloading games on this website. Read it if you run into any problems, it may help you, or not.
Stuffs you need

Locale Emulator (download)

As the name imply, it changes your PC locale to play most JP games.

Kimochi Gaming FAQs
  • Run LEInstaller.exe to install.
  • Then run LEGUI.exe, pick Run in Japanese (Admin) and Save
  • Right-click file *.EXE and pick Locale Emulator -> Run in Japanese to play game
  • Only work on windows 7+

Internet Download Manager (download)

It’s a download manager. You can use whatever you like, but this is recommended.

  • Install with the exe
  • Then run the cmd file to crack it

WinRAR (download crack)

To compile & extract file. Version 5.0+ is a must.

  • Crack is usable for all version

DAEMON Tools (download)

An app to mount the virtual disk image (ISO, MDS, MDF, …) to a virtual drive.

  • DT is recommended due to its highly compatible file type

RPG Maker (download)

It’s basically is a librabry for games which were made of RPG MAKER. You know, the pixel RPG type.

  • Install anywhere on your drive

All in One Runtimes (download)

An compilation of all the needed stuffs for gaming. Just install it if you don’t know what you need.

  • Restart your PC after install is needed

Visual Novel Reader (tutorial)

Sometimes works as a half-assed translator for those visual novel.

  • Sometimes it works, sometimes it’s not, since the app has been dropped, there are no support if it is not working

Mtool (download)

Multi-engine compatible translation tool.

Notice and Guide:
  • Work on: RPGMaker MV/MZ/2k/2k3/XP/Vx/VxAce/Wolf RPG/TyranoBuilder/SRPGStudio/SGB
  • How to use:
  • Download and run the tool, wait for it to finish loading
  • Drag and drop the game’s exe onto the tool window
  • Press “Start Game”
  • Click on the “Translation” tab
  • Click on “Start translation”
  • You are done, there are more features, feel free to poke around
What to do after download

.rar: Install Winrar then extract it with right click > extract.

.zip: Same as RAR file.

.iso: Use Daemon Tools or whichever virtual disk manager of your choice to mount then install it.

.mdf: Same as ISO file.

.partX.rar (X is a number): All part need to be in the same folder, then extract only part 1.

Important stuffs
  • Don’t download DLL files from unknown / known website.
  • Sometimes, antivirus can trigger falsely, don’t be alarmed, we guarrantee all file on this website is clean.
  • Using LOCALE EMULATOR is required with all JAPANESE GAMES.
  • Games folder’s name must not be too long or have JAPANESE or any NON-UNICODE character.
  • Don’t install game into your WINDOWS drive, typically C drive.
  • The password is usually
What to do after download

.rar: You can search for extraction app like RAR on CH Play.

.zip: Direct install, you need to turn the “Allow unknown source on”.

.apk: Install the APK, then copy the OBB file into \Android\obb…

  • Install game on SD Card is recommended.
  • You can find android game with the ANDROID tag.

Corrupt file or wrong password

Kimochi Gaming FAQs
  • Check the password, reenter it, maybe your capslock is on?

Access is denied

Kimochi Gaming FAQs
  • Copy the file to other drives then retry

The file/ volume is corrupt

Kimochi Gaming FAQs
  • Redownload it

Unknown format or damaged

Kimochi Gaming FAQs
  • Update your WinRAR to 5.0+
  • Reextract it, if still fail, redownload it

Unexpected end of archive

Kimochi Gaming FAQs
  • Redownload it. Still fail? Probably the file is corrupted. Contact our uploaders on Discord

Previous volume

Kimochi Gaming FAQs
  • You need to extract from the first part

Exceed 260 characters

Kimochi Gaming FAQs
  • Folder’s name/ path is too long. Rename it

NTFS file system supports

Kimochi Gaming FAQs
  • Make sure the file isn’t in your Windows drive
  • Backup all the file inside your drive, then Format it
  • When format, in File system change it to NTFS
DLL errors


Kimochi Gaming FAQs
  • Install the stuffs on the first part
  • Turn off your antivirus

MSVCR110.dll or XINPUT1_3.dll or D3D….dll

Kimochi Gaming FAQs Kimochi Gaming FAQs Kimochi Gaming FAQs
  • Install all the stuffs in the PC Softwares part
  • The All in One Runtimes should fix your problem
Locale errors

Error windows full of “???” or random letters

Kimochi Gaming FAQs
  • Change the folder’s name to english

A blue error windows and other stuff

Kimochi Gaming FAQs
  • Install the stuff in the PC part
  • Still got the error? Watch this video, should help you.
Other errors


Kimochi Gaming FAQs
  • Install the stuff in the PC part

Lost save file

  • Run game as Administrator