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Megu Wakana’s Make Love

A cute little sister ‘Wakana’ The appearance of that wakana is a bit somewhat strange recently. Many attitudes were absent and the conversation did not go well.
Even though my brothers and sisters quarreled quickly, I was able to reconcile at once, but it is painful to feel distance with my sister who has become more affectionate.
However, there is a clause that seems to cause the distance. It is lustful to the body which adorned the wild vegetables.
Although I am paying attention not to be noticed because it is not something I can consult, perhaps because my affection is also strong, I may not actually hide it at all.
One day, when going home earlier than planned, I knew the fact that Wakana is masturbating in my elder brother’s room, and there two people ……

Original title: めぶく若菜の Make Love
Language: Japanese
Developer: fruit
Release: 24/09/2014
Censorship: Censored
OS platform: Windows