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My Boss’ Wife is My Ex ~Reluctantly Drowning in Sex Deals After Hours~

Nội dung

Tomoki faces new troubles in the office. After the old boss steps down along with their financial manager, the new leader of the company hires his wife Shiho to manage the finances and employees. Shiho – his old ex-girlfriend – takes to her job with authority, cracking down on lenient policies and causing stress for everyone in the office when Tomoki uncovers his old sex-tapes capturing her in the act with him. With that evidence in hand, he begins solving the office tensions by reminding her how good sex can feel with her sensitive body..


Tựa game: Joushi no Tsuma wa, Motokano Deshita ~Iyagari Nagaramo, Makura Eigyou ni Oborete Iku After 5~
Ngày phát hành: 31/5/2016
Ngôn ngữ: Tiếng anh
Dung lượng: 360mb
Platform: PC