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Sorceress Elisha’s Hypnotized & Lent-Out Log


A countryside town Komes suddenly receives attention concerning
a newly discovered ancient labyrinth located in the town.

The protagonist living in the small town Wouk (name can be changed)
starts running an item shop taking advantage of rapid increase of visiting adventurers.

Due to lack of variety in his shop, however, explorers barely drop in his shop.
Though he has the “Hypnotist’s Rod” on sale, it attracts no customers…

One of those days, a court sorceress girl with glasses by the name of Elisha
visits his shop and requests a thing with magic energy. So Wouk is pleased
to sell a dead-stocked Hypnotist’s Rod, but happens to use it toward Elisha…!?

* Game *
The ultimate purpose of this game is to beat the ancient labyrinth.In order to do so,
the protagonist lends out the glasses girl Elisha to other men to make money and
goes deep into the ancient labyrinth to beat monsters down.

Original title: 魔術師エリシャのさいみん貸出奮闘記
Language: Japanese
Developer: DelusionEndemic
Release: 25/01/2018
Censorship: Censored
OS platform: Windows


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