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Dog F*ck iDOL ~The Hypnotist Dog Makes Idols Corrupt~

Takumi, Ranko, Fumika and Shizuku are all energetic trainees who dream to become famous idols. Their training days are flavored with the occasional romantic encounters with their producer. Then… the protagonist suddenly dies and is reborn as a dog!? “I am the God Dog. I grant you the power of hypnotism. Using this power you shall make your favorite idols into your own cumdump tramps!” Receiving the message from the god, his bestiality ambition gets fired up!

Original title: ドッグファックアイドル ~アイドルを堕とすのは、元人間のエロ催眠犬だけ!?~ Language: English Developer: Palace Village House Release: 21/08/2017 Censorship: Censored OS platform: Windows