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The Ninja Rape Legend – Ajisai

くノ一陵辱伝 紫陽花

Ajisai infiltrated the quarters of a powerful clan in search of missing girls.
When she found a ring of drug dealers and human sex traffickers,
all signs pointed to kidnapping as well.

Play as Ajisai, a skilled ninja trained in the ways of stealth.
Use cover to stay out of view! Perform one-hit takedowns from behind.
If Ajisai is discovered the consequences are X-rated.
When you clear an area you’ll be rewarded for number enemies down and number of girls saved.

Original title: くノ一陵辱伝 紫陽花
Language: English
Developer: midnight pleasure
Release: 29/11/2014
Censorship: Censored
OS platform: Windows


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