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Warrior Princess Asuka [English / Uncen]

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St. Nibel is caught off guard during the absence of its royal army and its castle is occupied by the demon army Girudea commands. Girudea takes the castle’s inhabitants hostage and demands Princess Asuka battle with his monsters as a condition of their release. The monsters slowly come at Asuka who stands in the arena to save her people. Tentacles and slimes torture Asuka’s voluptuous body. And so begins Asuka’s hopeless battle…

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Original title: 闘姫隷嬢 アスカ ~爆乳王女に絡みつく触手とスライム
Dung lượng: 344Mb
Thể loại: H-game, Visual, Uncen
Ngôn ngữ: Eng

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